The Best Disposable Vapes for Your Vegas Trip

So you’ve made it to Vegas and you’re eager to live it up in Sin City. With our Las Vegas dispensary just minutes from the airport, the final thing you need to kick off your Vegas trip is some quality bud. Vegas may be home to recreational cannabis, but that doesn’t mean you can light up wherever you go, especially if you stay in a hotel. It’s why our full cannabis menu has a large selection of discreet options, including the best disposable vapes for your Vegas trip!

We’ve rounded up our favorite disposable vapes to help you take your vacation to new levels. They’re all from O.pen, the makers of award-winning products that we love.
The best disposable vapes for the Las Vegas party scene
We’ve got a large selection of disposable vapes at our Vegas dispensary, and some are better than others for specific activities. It’s why we’ve broken them down into a few different categories.

Our one-time use vaporizers come pre-loaded and pre-charged. Forget running back to the hotel to charge your vape, just stop by The Grove and leave ready to party.

If you’re looking for something to help you live it up in Vegas, opt for a well-balanced hybrid or sativa vape, like the following:

Green Crack – Micro Disposable, 300 mg
This disposable vaporizer filled with the energizing Green Crack strain is perfect for partying it up in Sin City. It’s a tangy, stimulating strain that pairs perfectly with the fast-paced, hyper-real Vegas environment. Expect to feel uplifted, giggly, and ready for whatever excitement Vegas throws your way with this vape.

Since Green Crack is so stimulating, we recommend it for daytime use. We know that things happen a little differently in Vegas, though, and this vape might just take you through a long night of partying. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep, however, you’ll want to reach for a different vape.

Trainwreck – Micro Disposable, 300 mg
Trainwreck is another energizing strain that pairs perfectly with the thrilling environment of Las Vegas. This potent sativa is a bit sweet and spicy, with creative, euphoric effects that can take your travels to the next level.

Whether you’re on the strip gambling, fine-dining, or catching a live performance, this Trainwreck vape is your new partner in crime. With a few inhalations, you’ll be in the zone and ready to go. Just remember that, like Green Crack, this strain is recommended for daytime use and will likely keep you energized.

As its name suggests, Trainwreck can hit you like a train. Start small if you’re not used to strong effects from cannabis products.
The best disposable vapes to relax and unwind in Vegas
Las Vegas is known for its party scene, but that doesn’t mean you should skip resting. You may need to relax after a long day of fun so you can continue the excitement tomorrow. Or maybe you’re on a business trip and just looking to explore the area with a calm mind. There’s a vape for that, too.

From kicking back in the evening to combating insomnia, the following vapes will do the trick:
ChemDawg – Micro Disposable, 300 mg
O.pen’s ChemDawg is the perfect strain if you want a disposable vape that will help you relax and unwind without ever crashing.

ChemDawg is a hybrid strain known for its relaxing, calming effects. While it is soothing and great for relief from aches and pains, it isn’t very sedative, so you won’t have to worry about getting couch-locked. It provides a cerebral experience paired with full-body relaxation that can boost your mood and unlock your creative side.

Kick back poolside or indulge in a delicious meal with ChemDawg by your side!
Paris OG – Micro Disposable, 300 mg
Looking for a disposable vape that will lull you to sleep or at least a comfy relaxed state? Try the Paris OG disposable vape. This indica strain will have you feeling happy and relaxed before a pleasant wave of sleepiness washes over.
This delightful strain boasts a sweet, earthy flavor. It’s perfect for winding down before bed in your room or taking a blissful poolside nap. Expect a tingly, cerebral experience that slowly trickles into full-body relaxation.

Paris OG is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas
Ready to buy a disposable vape for your Vegas trip?
Discreet, portable, and pre-charged, what more could you want out of a vacation vape? Stop by our Vegas cannabis store and leave ready for the action. Since they’re one-use vaporizers, when the oil is done, you can toss the product and continue on your way. This makes traveling and following cannabis laws in Vegas a breeze!

The Grove is here to bring your Las Vegas trip to new levels. Be sure to stop by our Las Vegas dispensary when you arrive. We’re located just minutes from the airport and can’t wait to see you!


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