In the past, it would not be a good look to admit to cannabis use as a business professional. After all, the preconceptions about what kind of person uses marijuana were not generally a good match for maintaining a professional image.  But it’s 2020 now and we are not hung up on the idea of what the average cannabis user looks like. We know it can be a mother, a straight-A college student, an entrepreneur, and just about any person in between. There is no “typical” user anymore.  So toss that “stoner” label out the window and let’s look at some of the meaningful ways entrepreneurs are using cannabis these days. 

Cannabis to catch a break after a long day 

Much like a cold beer after a long day at work, many professionals turn to cannabis to unwind at the end of the day.  Studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to affect stress, anxiety, and depression in positive ways. More definitive research is needed, but what we know right now is promising.  But when we’re looking at the how and why of entrepreneurs using cannabis, anecdotal evidence is enough to understand that, at least for some people, cannabis is great for post-work destressing.  This Reddit thread was first shared in an article about cannabis in the professional world. Titled, “Successful people who smoke weed, how often do you smoke, what is your career, and how much do you make?”, it provides a lot of insight into how entrepreneurs and business professionals use cannabis. We’ve highlighted some interesting responses:  “Web Developer / Internet Marketing (150k). I smoke weed all day everyday, it’s what I do,” read one comment.  Another said, “I smoke from a one hitter about once or thrice a week, depends on the week. Only at night post work…No smoking weed doesn’t make you more creative, it’s a solid way to deal with the anxiety that comes with being creative. Also a great way to appreciate others creative output.” This point of view was challenged by some, as a few users shared anecdotal evidence where cannabis indeed helped their creativity.  And finally, “My husband and I smoke daily, 3-4g between the two of us. He is a criminal defense lawyer. Nothing has helped his stress like weed has. He gets home from work, we smoke and he opens up about his day.“ These three comments (out of hundreds) highlight some of the ways business professionals use cannabis to destress. From the thread, one thing is clear: Entrepreneurs and business professionals can successfully unwind with the help of cannabis. 

Cannabis to focus and be productive 

We don’t have definitive studies supporting the use of cannabis for focus. We do, however, have anecdotal evidence. Many people use cannabis to improve their concentration and focus. Leafly even put together a list of best strains for focus and ADD/ADHD a few years back.  Of course, cannabis use and productivity depend entirely on the industry. Not everyone can toke up on the job.  But for those who are self-employed, work from home, or have their own schedules, cannabis can be a helpful tool for getting work done.  In an NYPost article about professional potheads, one responder said, “If I didn’t smoke a bowl, I couldn’t write a paper. I’d sit there for hours not being able to do it, and I’d take a hit, and then a 15-page paper would come pouring out of me.”  Another responder shared that he can get a workout done twice as quickly at the gym if he smokes before. Why? Because it helps him focus and not waste his time. He gets the same workout, he just isn’t distracted by a bunch of other things. 

The Grove’s top strains for stress relief 

Ready to de-stress with cannabis? We’ve got plenty of Las Vegas weed here to help you out. Here are our favorite strains for stress-relief:


Packed with potent terpenes and a sweet sage and berry aroma, WhoOody is a great strain for stress-relief. It’s a cross between Gucci OG and Sour Strawberry. The effects are heavy but mellow. If you’re not careful, you may end up asleep on the couch after a long day with this one. 

LA Confidential 

We love to relax with LA Confidential. It has a piney, earthy aroma and flavor. The effects are well-balanced and comforting. If you’re ready to completely bliss out at the end of the day, this strain has got your back. Just make sure you’ve got a comfy pillow and snacks nearby. 

The Grove’s top strains for focus 

Nepali Pink 

This is a sativa-dominant strain that is great for improving focus. It’s fruity and sweet with energizing effects. We like this strain when we’ve got work to do because it provides a balanced high without any negative mental effects. It’s stimulating but doesn’t feel intense. 

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a popular strain with stimulating effects. Users typically describe the high as clear-headed and cerebral which is perfect for boosting productivity. If you want a balanced daytime strain, Jack Herer is a great option. Expect to feel uplifted and with this one.