Your Los Angeles to Las Vegas Cannabis Vacation Guide

Planning your Los Angeles to Las Vegas Cannabis Vacation

If you live in L.A., you’ve recently been blessed with the right to buy marijuana recreationally thanks to Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. You might enjoy cannabis at home, but what do you need to know before you go on your Las Vegas vacation?

Vegas may have looser restrictions on activities like gambling and public drinking, but that doesn’t mean it shares the same open laws as California regarding marijuana consumption. The first thing you need to do before planning your vacation is to know the differences between California and Nevada state marijuana laws and how they impact your stay.

What is the difference between California and Nevada marijuana laws?

California Nevada
Recreational Age Limit 21 21
Medical Age limit 18 with State green card 18 with State green card
May recreationally possess Up to an ounce of flower Up to an ounce of flower
May recreationally possess 8 grams of concentrate 3.5 grams of concentrate
Public cannabis ingestion violation $100 infraction Misdemeanor – $1000 maximum fine + jail time
Cannabis ingestion in non-smoking area violation $250 Fine A separate citation in addition to a cannabis ingestion violation
Cannabis open container while driving violation $250 Fine Fine + up to 6 months in jail
Driving or riding in a vehicle while on cannabis $70 Fine. Civil forfeiture laws apply. License suspense. Up to $1000 fine + 6 months in jail
Can legally consume In a private residence only In a private residence only

As you can see, there is a big difference in consequences for violating state marijuana laws. Visit NORML for a complete list of Nevada marijuana laws & penalties. What else will you want to make sure to do before and during your stay?

Additional Nevada marijuana laws to follow:

The issues listed above don’t cover the entirety of California and Nevada marijuana law differences—they are just the laws most likely to be of concern for a CA or NV resident. Follow these additional rules to help you stay on the safe side of legal cannabis consumption.

  • Do not sell marijuana flower, edibles, or concentrates to anyone, that includes friends, family, and acquaintances. Even a very small amount can be considered a felony crime, especially if the buyer is not of legal consumption age.

You can however gift the state limit to someone who is legally of age, 18 in the case of a Medical Marijuana card holder and 21 without.

  • Do not transport marijuana across state lines in any form. Because marijuana is still not federally recognized, even transporting cannabis between California and Nevada (two states where it is legal to possess cannabis), is still an illegal action with serious consequences.

Image by Tony Webster

Where can you smoke marijuana in Las Vegas?

If you’re coming from your private residence in Los Angeles to enjoy cannabis in Vegas, it can be a shock. You may be wondering where you can consume cannabis and whether or not you’ll be stuck with edibles your entire vacation.

There are a growing variety of marijuana-friendly lodging sites and companies based in Las Vegas. Using these sites for your hotel booking is the easiest way to guarantee you can consume cannabis products without worry. Your best bet for safe cannabis consumption is to choose a privately-rented AirBnB style accommodation. This is one of the fastest growing options for California tourists looking for a great place to enjoy Vegas and its greenery.

Is my California medical marijuana card valid in Nevada?

Yes. Nevada has reciprocity, meaning medical marijuana cards from all other states are accepted.

If you’re flying in from LAX to McCarran International Airport, you don’t want to wait long to start relaxing after you arrive. The Grove is the closest dispensary to the McCarran International Airport, making it the easiest, and first stop you should make.

Where can I find a cannabis tour in Las Vegas?

Cannabis tours are a growing business. There are two different types of tours, those for growing operations/facilities and tours of local Vegas dispensaries. Choose based on your interest. If you want to see the best cannabis products the Vegas Strip has to offer, a dispensary tour is your best bet. If you grow yourself, are interested in the business/botanical side, or just want a deeper understanding of seed to smoke—go with a growing facility tour.

• View award-winning dispensaries with a Cannabus Tour. – Hopping on the Cannabus is one of the easiest ways to see a lot of dispensaries in a short amount of time. You’ll get educated on local and marijuana-specific history as you shuttle from place to place. You’ll also get VIP access to each dispensary you visit and a 20% discount on your purchases.

• Book with Cannabis Tours and see the city. – One of the coolest ways to see a city is with a hop on, hop off tour. Cannabis Tours offers a hop on, hop off tour bus that runs from 7 p.m. to midnight. Jumping on and off as you please lets you get a fuller experience. If you find a dispensary you love and want to stay at, hop off and jump on the next passing tour bus.

• Bring your friends or go alone on an Herbology Tour. – Herbology is a deluxe option. Night group tours, VIP tours, and airport pickups are all available. If you want a more personalized experience, this is the company to provide it. They even offer a beer & buds option that can accommodate non-users as well.

Can I bring cannabis products on an airplane?

No. Airports are under federal jurisdiction and Lorie Dankers, TSA Spokesperson has this to say on the matter: “The passenger’s originating and destination airports are not taken into account. TSA’s response to the discovery of marijuana is the same in every state and at every airport — regardless of whether marijuana has been or is going to be legalized.”

If flower, concentrates, or edibles are discovered during a security check, local Airport Law Enforcement will be called in. They operate according to federal guidelines, and the punishment will likely be much more severe than it would under California or Nevada State marijuana laws.

Where can you get rid of cannabis products in a Las Vegas airport?

If you didn’t finish everything you purchased or forgot about the gram you tucked into a zipper pocket, you’re in luck. McCarran International Airport has installed Amnesty Boxes. These bright green boxes look similar to mailboxes. They provide a place to safely discard cannabis product leftovers without the fear of prosecution.