Find Cannabis Friendly Lodging in Las Vegas

According to Nevada State law, you can only consume cannabis at a private residence. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options as a recreational cannabis user. There are multiple options for lodging that place you near The Grove, the best dispensary in Vegas, while providing you with a great place to relax and enjoy your trip. Let’s look at some of the easiest options first.

Book your Vegas room through a marijuana tourism site

There are several sites that work with local hoteliers, as well as private home, condo and apartment owners. These operate in the same vein as Airbnb, but without the risk of choosing a host that doesn’t appreciate the greener things in life.

420 friendly accommodations in Nevada with Cannabis Tours

Marijuana Friendly Las Vegas Strip Hotels What can you expect with Cannabis Tours? Though they haven’t launched their tour portion yet, this company is in full swing when it comes to cannabis-friendly lodging. They work primarily with local apartment and homeowners. The best part is that you already know you can safely imbibe, because these aren’t just private residences, they are private residences that have chosen to list on a cannabis tourism site. Current options:
  • High-rise apartments with incredible views of Las Vegas.
  • Cozy apartments that are right next to your favorite dispensary on the Strip.
  • Fully-furnished homes within walking distance of the Vegas strip.

Cannabis safe rooms and suites with Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast offers some great ways to narrow down your search. Listings are displayed on a map, showing where in Nevada your options are located and how far that places you from the action. Just be aware, map placement isn’t automatic, so there are multiple options in Vegas that don’t display on the map. You can quickly narrow down properties based on cost, amenities and more. Read reviews as well as any special features you’ll have access to or house rules you’ll need to follow. Cannabis Las Vegas Hotels Current options:
  • A variety of themed suites including Glitz, 70’s and Executive.
  • Completely furnished homes with swimming pools.
  • Individual rooms if you’re looking for a green Vegas vacation on a budget.

What to look out for when shopping for 420-friendly accommodations

Read the hotel policies and secondary booking agent site descriptions carefully Because marijuana tourism is a relatively new industry, you won’t have too many options when it comes to secondary hotel and room booking sites. These sites are still experiencing growing pains, trying to find reliable partners, and may cut corners. These are two listing policy descriptions from Greentripz: “No smoking indoors! That being said, the inn offers wonderful patios, and they certainly won’t police whether or not you eat an edible!” “No smoking indoors, but outside, the world is your oyster!” Cannabis Edibles Las Vegas Hotel You’ll notice that they both insinuate that guests can safely consume cannabis smokables outside, but don’t outright say it. This way of speaking around the actual issue forces you, the consumer, to make assumptions. You aren’t being told outright that it is okay, and that can mean that a complaint from another guest leads to trouble when you just want to relax. It may be wise to call your prospective lodging provider and ask directly, “Can I smoke marijuana on the balcony/patio/in my room without repercussion?” Check how far away your room is from where you want to spend most of your time The easiest way to avoid violating the law is to ensure you never have to. Driving while under the influence of cannabis is still illegal. There is no minimum safe amount, and that means you’ll want to consider taxi cabs, Uber, Lyft or your feet. Finding a hotel that is centrally located can save you time, money and aggravation. Choosing a hotel near the best Las Vegas dispensary, The Grove, can make all difference during your trip.

Buy discreet cannabis products, just in case.

The last thing you want to do is have to adjust your Vegas vacation because your pot-positive hotel didn’t turn out to be as positive as you thought it would be. That’s where the right cannabis products can turn your trip around. The Grove offers a full cannabis menu that includes highly discreet edibles, including baked goods, candy, isolates, tinctures and more. Concentrate products also function in much the same way as smoked flower, but without the combustion that produces clouds of marijuana-scented smoke. Not only can you carry a THC cartridge and battery in your pocket without worrying about crushing it, they produce vapor that dissipates more quickly than smoke and doesn’t smell nearly as strong as flower.