Looking for a proper finale to the summer season? Check out the Life Is Beautiful festival taking place on September 20th through 22nd.

This festival takes place in downtown Las Vegas off of Fremont Street, and this year’s lineup features big names from Billie Eilish to Vampire Weekend, Post Malone, and Lil Wayne amongst many others.

If you’re making the trip to Las Vegas for this event, don’t forget to check out the surrounding areas. You can even make your way to a Las Vegas dispensary to stock up on supplies for an ultra-relaxed weekend. The Grove is fully stocked with everything you need for the perfect end of summer celebration.

Need a place to stay? Life Is Beautiful has partnered with several hotels including the Downtown Grand and the Golden Nugget.

What to expect from the Life Is Beautiful Festival

If you’ve been to this event before, you know why we’re so excited. The streets of downtown Las Vegas get filled with art, culture, and friendly faces. There are amazing artists playing throughout the weekend, delicious food everywhere, and heartfelt messages from different speakers.

If you came for the music, make sure to explore a little further. You may end up finding new artists you didn’t know you loved, or even finding new favorite food. It’s about the experience, so make sure you live it up and don’t set a strict schedule for yourself. The best way to do this festival is to go with the flow.

Make sure you’ve got comfy clothes that are proper for the Vegas heat. It’s going to get crowded, sweaty, and messy, so it’s crucial to have a few extra pieces for when you sweat through your favorite top. Comfortable shoes are also a must.

Beat the heat with The Grove at Life Is Beautiful

As we said, it’s going to get hot. Make sure you’ve got a good supply of water and food to keep yourself in good shape.

You can beat the Vegas heat with a refreshing cannabis drink from our Las Vegas dispensary as well. The Grove has got you covered with nostalgic and refreshing cannabis-infused drinks from root beer to cherry limeade and everything in between.

The Grove is easy to access as you leave the airport at 647 Swenson St. Las Vegas NV. Just ask your ride from the airport to take you straight there so you can stock up. With online ordering you can pick up your products immediately, so you don’t miss any of the action!