Marijuana has many medical benefits, but have you ever considered treating your child with marijuana?

Solana, the mother of three-year-old Bronson, didn’t quite know what to think when her son was diagnosed with Autism. He was non-verbal and therefore on the severe end of the Autism spectrum. As Bronson’s 5th birthday rolled around things seemed to get worse. He entered kindergarten, but problems developed at school as he became aggressive, and at times violent.

Unsure of how to help her son, she began to search for a solution. She had used marijuana to treat her own anxiety and the past, so she began to research.

While doctors don’t have data in order to prescribe cannabis as a treatment according to Leafly, “there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that cannabis is making children with autism happier and healthier. And some doctors are listening.” More and more parents all over the world are considering cannabis to treat autism.

Solana had used marijuana to treat her anxiety in the past and knew of its healing effects. She decided to treat Bronson with a tincture for the first time after he became aggressive and distraught just before his sister’s 8th birthday party.

“He was completely calm within 30 minutes,” said Solana. “It blew my mind how it helped him. At that moment, my son’s world was forever changed.”

Today her son is 8 years old and doing better than ever. Bronson recently received a Math Achievement Award for having the highest math grade in his class, a subject with which he had always struggled.

“This child is breaking all the stigmas just by being him. Cannabis does not make him lazy, kill his brain cells or make him less intelligent,” Solana continued.  “It is, in fact, doing the complete opposite. It has given him the ability to focus so he can access his education, feel calm, and relax with his family.”

Solana has experienced firsthand the healing power of marijuana. Through her organization Sol Canna Care she shares her knowledge with people looking for relief, especially children, and helps them identify the right cannabis product for their needs.

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