Mini K’s 


Photo by Keene Dadian

Are you a cannabis lover in search of top of the line on-the-go pre-rolls? Look no further! Here at The Grove marijuana dispensary, we’re always in search of new, innovative and high quality products that you, our customers, will enjoy. Whether your busy lifestyle requires a convenient product you can take with you or you prefer a smaller size pre-roll, KANNABIS Mini K’s are for you.

Here is the rundown. The Mini K’s are four half-gram pre-rolls packaged in a metal, air-tight, waterproof keychain-style container for an easy and convenient way to carry. The container is perfect for keeping your Mini K’s fresh. Mini K pre-rolls feature a variety of our exclusive, top shelf KANNABIS strains packed with high THC and robust terpene profiles, including Gorilla Glue #4, Alien Orange Cookies, Candyland, Jamaican Kush, Royal Gorilla and Super Lemon Haze. Strain availability will depend on our KANNABIS harvest.

Need a strain recommendation? “Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the best strains in Las Vegas,” says Mike Howard, head grower for KANNABIS. This strain is definitely for the experienced cannabis enthusiast as its THC levels tend to be between 27 to 30 percent and gives an intense euphoria and relaxation effect.

If you’re as excited about this new product as we are, head to our Las Vegas or Pahrump location to pick up your Mini K’s for the introductory rate of $30, including tax, or order online for immediate pick-up. The special price will last until Feb. 14, 2019, after which pricing will be $35, including tax.

Mini K refills are available to allow you to pick your favorite KANNABIS strain in a set of two in order to keep your case stocked. In addition, the case can be purchased separately to fill up your keychain with a custom selection of your favorite strains in a high quality on-the-go pre-roll.

To read more about our Mini K’s featuring Gorilla Glue #4, check out Elevate’s review by Justin Alexander.