The cannabis industry has only been legalized in Las Vegas for a few years, and although it is an industry full of strict regulations and guidelines, the negative stigmas of marijuana often remain. For many, the idea of cannabis businesses may have brought up the notion of stores being run by “stoners.” But, this industry is much different than what people may think and it continues to evolve as it grows. Whether you’re looking to be a part of the cannabis industry or just want to learn more, here is what you can expect:


The People

According to Tiffany Hoven, Director of Operations for The Grove, “The cannabis demographic is brimming with an extensive variety of individuals now.” Today, there are people from all walks of life working in cannabis. “The “weed business” has opened its doors to a wide array of entrepreneurs, capitalists, vendors, contractors, and specialist covering the cannabis arena from A to Z,” Hoven says.


The Experience

Dispensaries are retail stores, but they tend to be fast-paced and high-volume environments. Those in the retail field may work in stores open 24 hours a day which can serve more than 1,000 customers a day. Managers have to supervise 50 or more employees. On top of that, there are the added challenges of following rules and regulations and being a cash-only business.

There is plenty of experience to gain in the cannabis industry, whether you’re working in retail or behind the scene, which can help employees further their careers.


The Opportunities

Cannabis businesses are just like other companies. Hoven says The Grove, and other dispensaries, have corporate structures with a wide range of job opportunities, including fields such as management, marketing, finance, operations, human resources and IT. Entry-level employees range from hourly cultivation/production or retail employees to management to executive positions – all with the opportunity for progress and growth.

“The cannabis industry is a very bright one that has no end in sight, but it comes with several challenges – federal legalization, banking issues and a constantly evolving legal landscape to name a few,” Hoven continued.



Hoven believes that the more education within the industry the better. The Grove offers its staff monthly education classes at each location, and also has extensive training for employees, which are aimed at spreading knowledge to help de-stigmatize cannabis. For those looking for opportunities in the industry, Hoven recommends learning as much as possible about cannabis and the industry.