Are you a curious about medical marijuana in your state?

Working as a Budtender at The Grove medical marijuana dispensary with locations in Las Vegas and Pahrump, I have helped people of all ages find out which way is best to ingest cannabis as well as which cannabis is best. Here I am going to compose a little about what one aspect of Cannabis can do to help you.

There are several different ways of ingesting cannabis. One of the first ways in this blog that I’ll let you know about is through high CBD based medicine. CBDs are non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the cannabis flower. CBDs are in the same family as THC (also a cannabinoid) and are shown in recent studies to help tolerate pain, help cope with cancer, anxiety and more.

The most modern and up to date Dispensaries can carry high CBD edibles, tinctures, lotions, flower (bud). I have observed that CBD is more often effective with a low dose of THC. It’s theorized that THC causes an entourage effect and carries the CBDs more thoroughly to the cannabanoid receptors in your brain and body. Low doses of THC that are 1-2 MG are commonly non-psychoactive.

Tinctures are cannabis extraction infused in alcohol or vegetable glycerin. They can be ingested using a dropper and putting one drop under the tongue. When visiting a dispensary, discuss with your Budtender the content of their Tinctures as they can vary in THC and CBD doses. It is highly advised you take your CBD medicine with a low dose of THC for a more thorough effect for pain relief.

CBD Topicals are lotions, creams and oils and they are wonderful by themselves but they are also perfect when using CBD edibles or tinctures together as I have found many people I’ve spoken to to end up feeling a more localized pain when trying a CBD edible or Tincture. CBD Topicals can be rubbed into the skin and asbored through the epidermis and received through the nearest CBD receptors in your body. Thusly, more closely working tolerate and heal the area where the lotion was applied.

The best non-psychoactive cannabis flower for pain will have a high CBD content which in the world of medical cannabis is about 10%-20% and a low dose of THC which can range 0.3%-20%. Some strains can have a ratio of 50%/50% which can give a perfect balance for any patients looking for cannabis that does not instigate anxiety or paranoia with minimal to no psychoactive effects.

The two best strains to look for on or that I highly refer you look for when going to a Dispensary are:

Cannatonic: A high CBD very low THC strain. I have found this strain is one of the most commonly found in Dispensaries in the West Coast.

Charlotte’s Web: Another high CBD low THC strain, created and cultivated by The Stanley Brothers to help a 5 year old (the age at her first CBD dose) girl named Charlotte lessen her epileptic seizures brought on by Dravet syndrome. It was shown to have dramatically lessen the amount of seizures she has from 300 a week to 4 a month. Charlottes Web was featured on the CNN docutmentary Weed and has since become an extremely popular and demanded strain in Dispensaries across the United States.

Ask your Budtender about the CBD products available and what they can do for you to find out more.

By Rene Hilterbrandt – The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary Pahrump