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Judi Hermasillo is a budtender and assistant manager at The Grove, Medical Marijuana Dispensary, as well as an Assistant Manager.e. In her spare time, she lives the natural lifestyle she has chosen: hiking, meditation, yoga and cooking.

Judi Hermosillo: Budtender & Assistant Manager

Judi Hermosillo is one of the budtenders at The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary, as well as an Assistant Manager. She educates and assists patients by finding the right medicine for them. She also manages the staff and trains them to be their best!

Question: What is the importance of connecting with patients?

Judi Hermosillo: When patients know you are connecting with them because you truly want to help them, there is more trust and comfortability.

Q: What is your favorite strain?

JH: My favorite strain is Blueberry, an indica. It helps me with my personal ailments and it tastes amazing.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

JH: Helping people. The more I can educate people the better I feel about the well being of society. Knowing I’m helping someone find a natural remedy for their ailment makes this more than just a job.

“The war on marijuana is over!” – Judi Hermosillo, The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary