While the idea of using cannabis may spark images of recreational activities for some, its role in the health and wellness sphere should not be overlooked. Its use in older populations has risen, with many turning to the drug as a more natural approach to managing pain and other conditions.

Many are choosing cannabis for wellness over cannabis for recreational use. Here’s how:


While some consumers are focused on getting the highest THC concentrations available for maximum highs, there are many people on the other side using small, non-intoxicating amounts for their own wellness.

This is called microdosing, and the goal is to reap the positive benefits of the plant without any intoxication or negative side effects. While there are many substances people microdose, and some illegal, we’re lucky to have Las Vegas dispensaries here for consumers to legally obtain cannabis for their health.

Those who microdose cannabis often report that it helps with anxiety and related conditions. While some may experience increased anxiety or related side effects from consuming regular doses of cannabis, a microdose, which is typically 1/10th or less of a typical dose, may help relieve anxiety. Some report microdosing cannabis to boost productivity or relieve pain, as well.

Studies have found that taking small doses of THC can relieve stress, whereas large doses that cause intoxicating effects can increase it. Researchers found that small amounts of THC improved anxiety and jitters related to public speaking, but enough to cause a “high” made nerves worse.

Microdosing is a very personal method of using cannabis for wellness, and it will take some trial and error to get the right dose. Start with small amounts of cannabis and slowly increase your dose until you find yourself experiencing the positive effects without intoxication or psychological effects.

Other ways to use cannabis for health and wellness

Microdosing is not the only way to get benefits from cannabis, though. Some turn to marijuana to relieve pain as a more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. Others manage their anxiety or depression with cannabis, though some find it may exacerbate it (these people may benefit from microdosing).

Another option is cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis that provides a number of therapeutic effects. CBD may be used to manage pain, anxiety, epilepsy, gastrointestinal problems, and many other conditions. This substance has gained a lot of attention recently as wellness-oriented people have tuned into its therapeutic effects.

Final thoughts

As with most things, how cannabis and wellness go together for you will be highly individual. Some find benefits from consuming microdoses of cannabis, just enough to feel energized and get relief from anxiety and stress, while others take larger doses to manage their conditions.

Whether you’re using cannabis regularly in small or large doses or just using the non-intoxicating CBD, what works best will be a matter of trial and error.

Come visit our Las Vegas dispensary, The Grove, and one of our expert budtenders will help you get started on the path to using cannabis for your own health and wellness.