Will you be attending a cannabis conference in Las Vegas?

Have you been to a Las Vegas cannabis conference?

Las Vegas isn’t just home to one of the world’s best dispensaries; it’s also the leading city for cannabis-business conference hosting. You might be wondering, why Vegas? Well, is there a better hub for fun and entertainment once the conference ends? Las Vegas leads the way because it’s the perfect place to wrap a business and a well-deserved vacation into one package. Next time you’ve got cannabusiness to attend to, consider attending one of these four upcoming marijuana conferences in Vegas.

Discover the future of cannabis at MJBizCon

The Marijuana Business Conference is one of the largest in Las Vegas. With more than 900 exhibitors and an expected attendance of 20,000 people, this is the event for you if you’re into the latest innovations in cannabis and love to network.

This is one conference that doesn’t discriminate against business verticals. Concentrate manufacturing companies, brewers, health-food companies, and even big cannabis data will be there. It’s the diversity of companies and industries that draw so many people in.

What can you expect?

  • MJBiz Talks cover everything from business development to advancements and insights. Think of these as marijuana-business related Ted Talks.
  • Networking. Want to collaborate with another company on a new product or find a business partner? You’ll have nearly 1,000 opportunities to do just that.
  • See industry trends and act on them. You won’t find a more up-to-date resource to discover and act on the latest cannabis-industry trends before they go mainstream.

Stock up at Champs Trade Shows

The  Champs Trade Show makes a stop in Las Vegas twice a year. It’s an industry trade show geared specifically to dispensary owners and product distributors.

Champs is where cannabis product creators get together. We’ve attended these shows in the past, and love the amazing glassware and high-end products on display. It’s a great place to find the season’s newest cannabis consumption products and artisan offerings.

What can you expect?

  • Hundreds of product and smoking equipment manufacturers. Champs brings together edibles producers, growers, refiners, e-nail makers, glass blowers, and more under one roof.
  • Discover the best glass blowers at the Glass Games. This competition pits the best glass artists against one another in a 2 day, 14-hour pipe creating extravaganza.
  • Hand-crafted art. Champs has recently opened its vendor categories to include ArtiZen style products including glassware, jewelry, clothing, art, and even leather goods.

Educate yourself at the RENO Cannabis Convention

The RENO Cannabis Convention is focused on education and completely open to the public. That public attendance is what makes it one of the best local cannabis conventions. You’ll get to meet cannabis-oriented businesses from across the country, along with cannabis enthusiasts from around the world.

What can you expect?

  • Learn from a wide range of guest speakers. From nurses to senators, discussions cover cannabis legislation, health, and business topics from safe consumption to regulation pratfalls.
  • A trade-show that focuses just as much on health and education as it does on business—the RENO Cannabis Convention was designed with the public in mind, bringing together exhibitors from every field and area related to cannabis.

Grow your business at the Cannabis Business Times Conference

The Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas caters to growers and cultivators. It brings together businesses from every step in the cultivation and manufacturing process to share, network and grow. Dispensaries will find a lot to like at this conference as well because it also focuses on customer engagement and retail store management.

What can you expect?

An impressive range of exhibitors in the cultivation space. Just some of the different business-types you’ll have the opportunity to speak with include companies specializing in:

  • Organic pest-control
  • High-efficiency greenhouses
  • Cannabis nutrients

  • Air sanitation and filtration
  • Cold storage
  • Commercial growing supplies
  • Grow lights

  • Irrigation
  • Lab and bioscience
  • Layout and growth utilization

Speakers come from a wide range of disciplines. Schedule in some time to attend speeches from industry leaders in cultivation, growth, and business management. No matter what side of the supply chain you’re on, you’ll find an educational guest speaker that can help you enhance your skills as a business owner and operator.