A recent report found that more than a third of business executives in the marijuana industry are women, a percentage higher than the national average for all types of businesses. Now that’s something to celebrate. We want to put the spotlight on some of our favorite women in the industry: the Las Vegas cannabis connoisseurs from our own team.  

Tiffany Hoven

Tiffany Hoven was the general manager at our Las Vegas and Pahrump (Nye County) dispensaries for three years before being promoted to director of operations.  She has been an integral part of The Grove team since the company’s inception. Joining the cannabis industry wasn’t always her plan. She graduated with a degree in nursing and continued her education, receiving a project management degree.  She intended to begin working in pharmaceuticals believing   they helped people, but quickly changed her direction after spending time researching this miraculous plant. She became interested in the therapeutic effects of cannabis during her research, noting that people were finding relief for their ailments with this natural plant while completely avoiding the unpleasant, and in some cases, detrimental side effects associated with other pharmaceuticals. Her path shifted toward cannabis and helping others find relief, a change that still allowed her to pursue her passion for helping others in the most natural way possible. “Watching the destructive effects of modern medications first-hand led me in a direction of trying to find the healthiest alternative to big pharma. I wanted to help people with true aliments, affliction and/ or disease, find help with the least invasive negative side effects possible. Personally, witnessing the positives that cannabis has in the medicinal arena changed my entire direction when it came to health and healthy alternatives to the modern pill,” says Hoven. “I’m blessed to be in a field that I believe in.”  

Director of Operations

Hoven has been a wizard of all things cannabis since becoming The Grove’s first employee. She developed a three-week intensive training program for the retail department, with the help of her store managers, to ensure our staff is well-versed in all cannabis topics and products in order to provide customers with the knowledge they need while helping to erase the stigma some still have about cannabis use. “Assuring our staff has the background and tools to educate customers is of upmost importance to me. I want the customer to feel incredibly comfortable with all cannabis products when they leave the store to help create a calm, fun, healthy experience, especially if it’s their first time trying an alternative medicine” explains Hoven. Tiffany is also actively engaging the community through monthly customer appreciation parties to thank customers, as well as showing her gratitude to vendors by hosting vendor appreciation events. Her store managers schedule a monthly educational day to help provide cannabis education to customers and locals, and alsogives back to the community by providing monthly volunteer opportunities with various charities for The Grove team. “To give back is something amazing. We are blessed to be in a position where we can help both Las Vegas and Pahrump, which is incredibly important to myself and everyone at The Grove,” Tiffany states. We are thrilled to have Tiffany Hoven serve as our director of operations. She’s business-savvy with a big heart for educating and serving the public. She oversees day-to-day operations for all departments in this vertical operation that includes cultivation, production, distribution and retail, regulatory compliance, and employee management, among her other tasks overseeing security and marketing for the team. The Grove wouldn’t be the same without Tiffany helping to create a healthy culture focused on the well-being of our customers. We’re excited about the future of cannabis and the wonderful women thriving in the industry.