A recent report found that more than a third of business executives in the marijuana industry are women, a percentage higher than the national average for all types of businesses. Now that’s something to celebrate. We want to put the spotlight on some of our favorite women in the industry: the Las Vegas cannabis connoisseurs from our own team.

Shara Graham

A single mother of 5 boys, Shara Graham knows how to take care of humans, and it shows. Graham, The Grove’s current HR Manager, has been with us now for almost three years, and we’re not quite sure where we’d be without her. Shara has lived in Southern Nevada for 25 years. As a teen she attended Chaparral High School and later went on to complete her undergraduate degree at the University of the Pacific. She obtained her Human Resource Management Certificate, and went on to work in the administrative field in several Real Estate agencies and Property Management firms. Graham is also a member of the Nevada Association of Employers, which provides resources for HR professionals that she carries over into her work at The Grove.

HR Manager

Shara cares deeply about helping people and making a positive impact in the world, and she saw the cannabis industry as an opportunity to do just that. Not only is she directly involved with the everyday happenings at The Grove, but she makes sure our staff are well taken care of and have everything they need to take care of you: “not only are we the leader in the industry, The Grove is dedicated to employee appreciation and a strong culture that offers support and rewards employee’s efforts.” Graham was initially hired at the Grove as an administrative assistant. She says, “being involved in the substantial growth of the company in a short amount of time, I saw the need for Human Resources.” So Shara went ahead and did what very few folks can say they’ve done: she voluntarily created and developed an entire HR Department from the ground up. She established a structure, procedures, and resources that keep our entire staff set up for success and running smoothly. “I hope to see the cannabis industry to continue to grow and provide jobs,” which, thanks to people like Shara, is the reality of the industry. Today Graham is the Manager of the HR Department and handles vital tasks like interviewing, recruiting, screening and training new employees, appraising, disciplining, rewarding, and developing current employees to grow within the company and beyond. We’re so thankful to have such a powerful force supporting us. “When you work for the Grove, you are a part of a team!”