A recent report found that more than a third of business executives in the marijuana industry are women, a percentage higher than the national average for all types of businesses. Now that’s something to celebrate.

We want to put the spotlight on some of our favorite women in the industry: the Las Vegas cannabis connoisseurs from our own team.

As you may already know, The Grove has won the Best Dispensary in Las Vegas award two years in a row (2018 and 2019).

The secret? An all-star team, a high-powered woman executive, and of course, some well-managed spreadsheets.

Nycole Cummings

Nycole carries an impressive list of qualifications and experience into her role at The Grove: including an ongoing 17-year-and-running career in the real estate and development industry. She is currently the Executive Vice President of Accounting for Focus Property Group, where she is involved in strategy and decision-making, accounting, budgeting, cash flow projections, analysis and forecasts.

In addition to her role at the Grove and her other full-time job, Cummings is a member of Women Grow, an organization built to “educate, connect and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders.”

Nycole is also an active member and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, and is involved with several nonprofit organizations: she’s the treasurer of Aid for Aids of Nevada (AFAN), a board member of the Ritter Charitable Trust, and actively supports the MS Society, Cure 4 the Kids, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, ALS, Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada, Olive Crest, Shade Tree and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Although all these roles are important to Nycole, it’s fair to say her favorite role is being a mom to her amazing 11-year-old daughter, Ruby.

We sometimes wonder how this woman does it all. One possible explanation: Nycole is a wizard with spreadsheets.

Founding Board member and Co-owner of The Grove

The Nevada cannabis industry was a welcome new avenue for Cumings, who had weathered the storm of the market crash in the real estate industry and was ready to take on the new opportunities and challenges that cannabis presented.

She’s been with The Grove for as long as we’ve been around, which is about 5 years. In fact, she’s the person who secured our licences in the first place: for cultivation, production, distribution, and retail for our dispensaries (we might go so far as to say that she’s ahem–indispensable).
These days, Cummings oversees The Grove’s accounting department and handles all of our philanthropic outreach. As evidenced above, she’s a true community leader who is very, very good at finding amazing organizations to work with.

Her passion extends far beyond the day-to-day business operations: she’s dedicated to making this industry better by advocating for more rigorous academic study of the cannabis plant. “Research is a part of the cannabis industry that is lacking. While there has been some progress made in this area, I hope to see a lot more opportunities for cannabis research in the near future.”