Women have always been active members of the cannabis community. Today, they continue to shine while holding various roles in the industry and paving the way for the future of cannabis. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to recognize another amazing woman from our team here at The Grove?

We can attest to the powerful impact of women in cannabis as we’ve expanded with the help of an all-star team backed by some wonderful women. So happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women out there, and thank you to the women on our team who keep The Grove alive. 

Margaux Elektra Hansberry 

Margaux is our Nevada Sales Manager with a passion for networking and growth from seed to sale. Here at The Grove, she’s responsible for increasing the value of our brands and developing effective business-to-business sales strategies. 

But her story doesn’t start here. Margaux has been involved with the cannabis industry for over a decade. 

Back in 2008, Margaux was working towards her BA at the University of Colorado Boulder.  She was pursuing a pre-med path in school when she discovered western medicine wasn’t for her as she didn’t like the emphasis on treatment instead of prevention. 

Margaux’s introduction to the world of cannabis came at just the right time. While attending college, her friend convinced her to come work at the dispensary she owned.  While not interested in cannabis before this opportunity, Margaux quickly became engulfed in the industry and intrigued by its vast potential. 

She had already fallen in love with the industry before Colorado released its medical marijuana regulations and shut down the group she worked for because they were located too close to a school. From there she moved to MMJ America in Boulder, where she worked as the assistant manager. 

Throughout the years, Margaux held a number of cannabis-related positions from budtending and cultivating to wholesale sales. She even spent six months living out of a tent in Redwood Forest during the growing season.  But when the 2015 Farm Bill passed in California, the state began cracking down on out-of-state sales, changing Margaux’s trajectory. 

That’s when she decided to start looking at options in Vegas. The medical marijuana industry was budding and it was the perfect time to get involved. She applied for a sales representative position at The Grove before the shops had even opened and we had less than 10 employees. We’ve been lucky enough to work with her ever since. 

Margaux has seen The Grove grow from its initial stages to a staff of over 150 people with two dispensaries and a very strong wholesale presence. 

Nevada Sales Manager

As our sales manager, Margaux works hard to increase various brand values and inspire positive business-to-business sales. She comes into work ready to overcome any obstacle that may come her way with effective critical thinking. She also travels to Reno often to maintain strong partnerships with our company. 

With an extensive history in the industry, a passion for quality improvement, and a clear dedication to anything she sets her mind to, Margaux is a shining example of the impact women in cannabis make every day. 

Looking towards the future, Margaux hopes to see the industry go back to its medicinal roots. She wants to bridge the gap between pharmacy and agriculture in the United States and unleash the true potential of the plant. 

In her words: “I believe cannabis is the first step of a global epiphany that isolating compounds in natural substances only goes so far and the entourage effect is active in everything that stems from nature.”