Judi Bolick

Judi has been helping people feel better for a long time.

Before coming to The Grove, her journey as a healer began in the more conventional “medical” realm: at a Las Vegas pain clinic where she worked as a medical assistant for a number of years. She didn’t like the job, and went home every night feeling guilty for seeing so many people getting hooked on painkillers, wondering if she’d caused more damage than she’d helped to alleviate. “I would see professional, outgoing patients come in after an accident or some other injury and within a couple of months, they would be completely dependent on opioids. I could not continue to contribute to something I felt was a horrible epidemic happening in our country,” Bolick explained. Over the years she saw first-hand the rampant opioid prescriptions and decided it was time for a big change.

After working various other jobs in the medical field (and getting a few certifications under her belt), she relocated to Olympia, Washington. She eventually got a job at a naturopath clinic, where she got her first exposure to the world of medical marijuana. She came to the industry with a burning interest to learn about cannabis, other medicinal plants and their many uses.

At around the same time, she also got a job at the first cannabis dispensary in Olympia, WA. Judi happily worked both jobs and enjoyed how complementary they were, and how much more fulfilling than the ones she left behind.

When she decided to move back to Las Vegas, she started to work at The Grove.

Store Manager

And now, Judi has been with us for almost four years. She has become one of the most integral members of our team; from the day we went recreational to where we are now.

As our store manager at the Las Vegas location, Judi manages a team of 40 employees, including multiple assistant managers, inventory staff, and data entry specialists. She works with HR to manage payroll, scheduling, and performance evaluations. She also oversees cash handling, accounting, maintenance, inventory management, Nevada state compliance regulations, and wholesale ordering. She also trains the staff and makes sure they’re up to date on operations and safety guidelines. Basically, Judi is a superstar and she does it all.


Judi is a person who has dedicated herself to making the world a better place through educating the public. That’s one of the thousand reasons we feel so honored to have Judi Bolick on our team. “I hope that the world will get the opportunity to learn that cannabis is actually as healing as gingko, turmeric, tea tree, or echinacea,” Bolick says. She sees the potential of cannabis and this new industry of ours to right the wrongs of history: end the stigma, end the drug war, and invest in education. “Why not put the millions of dollars coming from the cannabis industry into our future?”

Stay tuned to learn about more wonderful women thriving in the industry at The Grove.