Throughout the country, we’re seeing efforts to legalize cannabis and revise laws that have affected cannabis users in the past and also are hindering this growing industry. As we know, recreational marijuana sales are now in full swing here in Nevada, but there is still a lot going on when it comes to legal cannabis.

If you’re a supporter of the industry, or are simply looking to stay up to date, you should be keeping an eye on Nevada’s 80th legislative session. It started on Feb. 4, 2019 and is ending on June 4, 2019. According to Elevate Magazine, there are about 13 Bill Draft Requests, or BDR’s, related to legal cannabis in the state that have been submitted by sponsors, which could be a Senator, Assemblyperson, or other entity. BDR’s have the potential to become bills and even become laws, but it’s hard to tell if, or which ones, could get there.

At the moment, only the name of each BDR (or potential bill) is available. Riana Durrett, executive director of the Nevada Dispensary Association wrote in an article for  Elevate Magazine, that reviewing the BDRs can give us a peek into what we could see in the future of legalized cannabis. These BDR’s may tackle:

  • Banking
  • Public Use and Consumption Lounges
  • Industry Issues
  • Medical Marijuana Patients
  • Taxes

Continue reading Durrett’s article, “2019 Legislative Watch,” to get a more in depth look into what she believes these BDR’s could change in the cannabis industry.

To learn more about what’s happening in Nevada’s 80th legislative session, visit And you can even provide your opinions with your legislators by clicking here: