Weediquette episode highlights vet suicides from PTSD

Dr. Sue Sisley discusses why she thinks MMJ can be effective in treating

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In a recent episode of Weediquette, Dr. Sue Sisley, Medical Director for The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas, talks about why the brain can be incredibly sensitive to the marijuana plant, and how that can mean hope for veterans.

“Since 9-11 more than 2.5 million Americans have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wares. The combat experience is so intense that, upon return, 1/5th of all soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The VA treats these vets with dozens of opiates and prescription pills. But with veterans killing themselves a shocking rate of 22 per suicides per day, many think the pills don’t work.

“Now some vets have turned to marijuana as an alternative treatment, but since cannabis is still federally illegal, the VA refuses to prescribe it. I want to know if cannabis can navigate through this nightmare that is PTSD.”

We at The Grove were inspired by this episode of Weediquette, and hope you are, as well. Our medical director, Dr. Sue Sisley, is featured in this show and talks about why she believes marijuana could have a very positive effect on PTSD. She is conducting the only FDA –approved research using whole plant medical cannabis, which studies the risk and benefits of cannabis for combat veterans with treatment resistant PTSD.

You can hear Dr. Sisley, in addition to US Congresswoman Dina Titus, State Senator Pat Spearman and Battlefield Foundation founder Roberto Pickering here in Las Vegas on Oct. 5. They will be discussing this epidemic and the research that is doing done on medical marijuana and its possibilities to treat PTSD. Click here for more details. RSVP to events@purduemarion.com.