We have all been doing our best to get through this challenging time. While it’s a difficult time for us all, there are some in our community that need support more than ever. Whether small or big, every act of kindness helps! We wanted to share different ways you can give back during this time. 

  • Check in with your neighbors, family and friends. There may be someone around you, such as an elderly neighbor or someone with a compromised immune system, that could use your help. You can offer to make a grocery trip for them or simply check in on them every few days.  
  • Donate to a local charity. Many organizations need the community’s support during this challenging time. If you’re able, donating to your local charity of choice is a great way to help. You can make an in-kind donation or check if the charity you’ve chosen is taking items such as non-perishable food, hand sanitizer or other disinfecting products, hygiene supplies or other items.  
  • Be an advocate. Donating may not be an option for many right now, and that’s okay. If there is a local organization you support, you can help by sharing their mission and efforts with your friends and family and on social media.  
  • Volunteer! Following social distancing guidelines makes it a bit challenging to volunteer right now, but there are still ways you can help. Consider fostering a pet or searching for an organization that needs help delivering food and essential items to those in need. If you have a skill you can share via a video call, try reaching out to a charity that could use your knowledge and offering to host a virtual class.  
  • Shop local. There are many that are struggling right now, and that includes small businesses. If you’re treating yourself to some retail therapy or a delicious meal, consider purchasing from a small business. 

If you’re in search of more ways to help our community, check out the list of ways to help locally that our friends at the Las Vegas Weekly put together.