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Roberto Pickering, founder of Battlefield Foundation, and Dr. Sue Sisley, medical director of The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas

New Study to Focus on Cannabis Treatments for PTSD

Roberto Pickering will be joining other experts at The Grove medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas to discuss what he has faced as a veteran.

“Roberto Pickering’s story is all too familiar.

The infantry Marine says he fought during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, lost some ‘good buddies’ and returned to civilian life a ‘basket case’ from battling a new enemy: post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pickering says he was pumped full of medications — from Valium to Zoloft, OxyContin, Seroquel, Lithium, Ambien and more — by Department of Veterans Affairs doctors. He tried to go back to school but had trouble adjusting.” Read full article here.

In this article in Stars & Stripes, Roberto Pickering, one of the featured speakers in The Grove’s October 5th event, Cannabis and Our Veterans: Treatment Possibilities for PTSD, shares a story heard all too often about our veterans who come home traumatized and then are prescribed addictive opiates and other medications. Medical marijuana, because it is still federally illegal, is rarely if ever recommended by VA doctors – although many believe it holds great potential to help.

Pickering will be joined by Dr. Sue Sisley, the medical director for The Grove, a Las Vegas and Pahrump medical marijuana dispensary. Additional speakers will be US Congresswoman Dina Titus and Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman. Event information can be found here. RSVP to

Pickering recently started the Battlefield Foundation to seek answers and provide assistance to veterans returning home after serving their country.