By: Josh Kasoff Even if they’ve recently won High Times’ Nevada Cannabis Cup for cannabis edible products, Vert Edibles is consistently changing the game of cannabis edibles. A cannabis edibles brand already wildly popular across Nevada, Vert Edibles made their name known with their delicious cookies squares and bars ranging in flavor from Caramel Brownie, to Strawberry Shortcake and most recently Birthday Cake. And just in time for the most romantic and candy-consuming day of the year besides Halloween, Vert Edibles will be expanding into the sweet world of chocolate with Vert Trinity. Whereas other chocolates contain generic and unremarkable ingredients, Vert Trinity’s ingredients are refined, containing some of the tastiest and most sustainable ingredients imaginable. With pure Belgian chocolate made from centuries-old recipes that combine well with three different flavors consisting of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate respectively, Vert Trinity are infused chocolates meant for the cannabis consumer with a love of all flavors of chocolate. With a sugar content of 1-1.5 grams only per chocolate, the delectable chocolates are compatible with most dietary preferences and the consumer can even enjoy the healthy flavonols in the cocoa. “When creating our Trinity chocolates,” explains Vert Sales Manager Margaux Hansberry, “the goal was to offer a dominant specific chocolate to the marketplace that not only delivers the incredible strain dominant cannabis experience our fans have known and loved, but also introduce a delicious century old Belgian chocolate that is smooth and easy to melt into other creations.” As Vert Trinity is meltable at low temperatures to preserve the THC, it’s a great product to add from everything that chocolate can be on, from smores for an extra fun campfire to chocolate-covered strawberries for a hot date with a special someone or ice cream for a night of staying in with friends and binging crime mysteries on Netflix. Because the motto of Vert Trinity is “Feed Your Mind”, the possibilities for great experiences with these chocolates are endless. “Our new Vert Trinity Chocolates will be a perfect companion to any celebration because they are consistently dosed and individually packaged so that no matter what you’re doing, you’ll enjoy a reliable experience you can trust.” says Hansberry. And even beyond the chocolates, Vert Trinity assists in a greater cause. The cocoa used in Vert Trinity is in partnership with the non-profit organization Cocoa Horizons. The organization is  dedicated to improving cocoa farming and living conditions in West Africa, an area that produces a majority of the world’s cocoa yet has issues with sustainable farming practices. Besides a delicious chocolate able to produce many different experiences, a purchase of Vert Trinity benefits so many more people than just the consumer. “Cocoa Horizons ensures the cocoa farming practiced by their partners in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Cameroon uphold strong moral integrity for the future production of cocoa.” says Hansberry. “Their farmers are accredited and they implement Farmer Field Schools that coach groups to uphold good agricultural practices. They support women’s empowerment by including women to hold administrative and farmer training program positions. Child educational enrollment and attendance is promoted for members of their farmer training programs. The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is also committed to zero deforestation and positive carbon emissions cocoa farming.” For a limited time only, The Grove is hosting a special of free delivery on orders $100 or more.