There is more to marijuana than meets the eye. Not only are there a variety of products available, but there also are things like strains, terpenes and more to consider when picking a product that’s right for you. Whether you have experience with marijuana or not, you may need some advice on what works best for you. If you have been to The Grove dispensary, you have likely crossed paths with our knowledgeable budtenders who can provide that help.

Cannabis consumers in Nevada can rely on budtenders to provide information about marijuana because education has been an important factor that has been instilled in the industry since its inception in the state. According to Kayla Anderson’s Elevate Magazine article titled a “Higher Education,” “The cannabis industry in Nevada has an educated workforce thanks to both astute lawmakers and the state of Nevada. Senator Tick Segerblom, who was a big driver behind getting training for frontline dispensary workers into the regulations, saw training as a necessity.”

At The Grove marijuana dispensary, education is essential. In addition to training on compliance, rules and regulation, there is extensive training on the different aspects of cannabis for staff. This training allows budtenders to share the knowledge with customers, and in turn educate people on cannabis, its uses and how to use it responsibly.

To learn more about work force education in the cannabis industry and why it’s important, read “Higher Education.”