You found the best 24 hour dispensary in Las Vegas, now what?

We’re a 24 hour recreational marijuana dispensary, so are we open late or do we simply never close? It’s a true philosopher’s question, and while we don’t have a good answer, we do have a great list of activities for the night-owl in Vegas.

The same sleep schedule doesn’t work for everyone, and even the stickiest Indica may not be enough to put you to sleep in the city that never does; that’s one reason The Grove is open 24 hours a day.

The other? You want some greenery before you attend some of the most exciting late-night, early-morning events on the Strip. Our handy guide to Vegas after dark will help you find the perfect nighttime activity. And best of all? Everything on our list is within 12 minutes distance of The Grove.

Disclaimer: Under the law you can’t consume marijuana in public, including in the properties mentioned below, or drive under the influence. Please plan accordingly when preparing for a trip to Las Vegas if you’re planning on consuming cannabis. To learn more about Nevada’s basic marijuana laws, visit Good to Know Nevada.

8:00 PM to 10:00PM – Shop at the mall, become a detective, or catch the Blue Man Group in action.

Fashion Show | Closes at 9:00PM – Distance from The Grove: 2.2 miles

By bike: 13 min. – By car: 8 min. – By foot: 46 min.

The Fashion Show Mall is your chance to discover more than 250 stores, 25 dining choices and eight department stores – all without leaving the Las Vegas Strip. Every week, they hold New York-style runway shows with a Vegas flair, combining live music, dance and of course, the hottest fashion brands.

We recommend stocking up on sunscreen, extra undies, swimwear, and finishing off your visit with some of the great fine dining options you’ll find. That way you’ll have your necessities covered and you’ll be ready to enjoy the nightlife.

CSI: The Experience | Closes at 9:00PM – Distance from The Grove: 1.5 miles

By bike: 7 min. – By car: 7 min. – By foot: 30 min.

Do you fancy yourself a detective? Have you ever said, “I could solve that case in no time.” Now you can. If you stop by The Grove before attempting to solve any crimes, our budtenders will steer you towards a nice Sativa to spur your creative energy. Grab some friends and discover whether or not you’ve got what it takes to complete the CSI experience.

Blue Man Group Las Vegas | Starts at 9:30PM and 12:00AM – Distance from The Grove: 2.1 miles

By bike: 13 min. – By car: 8 min. – By foot: 41 min.

As one of the most famous music groups in the world, the Blue Man Group came to prominence in the early 90’s and has been continuing to perform and expand their body of work ever since. Cannabis edibles are known for enhancing colors, sights, and sounds. An edible dose typically takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half before the full effects are felt.

10:00 PM to 12:00AM – Laugh at some comedy, trip back in time with 90’s music acts, or become the next pinball wizard.

The Pinball Hall of Fame Closes at 11:00PM Sun – Thurs. & 12:00AM Fri – Sat – Distance from The Grove: 1.3 miles

By Bike: 8 min. – By Car: 4 min. – By foot: 30 min.

How much pinball is enough pinball? Does the 10,000 square feet of machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame have you covered? We say yes! With hundreds of machines from the 1960’s to the 1990’s, there isn’t a museum like this anywhere else in the world, and as a non-profit, all of the excess funds collected after rent and machine maintenance go toward charity.

If you have even a passing interest in pinball, do yourself a favor and make a sojourn to one of the most interesting, fun and entertaining museums in the world. Pinball typically requires intense focus, and we carry many Sativa strains that are recognized for their focusing and energizing effects.

Le Theatre des Arts at Paris Las Vegas Shows start from 9:00PM to 12:00AM – Distance from The Grove: 1.6 miles

By Bike: 8 min. – By Car: 7 min. – By Foot: 32 min.

The Theatre de Arts offers a wide variety of different acts, from the comedy and magic of Jeff Civillico, to your favorite performers from the 90’s with the rotating musical guests of the I love the 90’s show that has featured artists including En Vogue, Sugar Ray, and Salt n Pepa.

What goes great with comedy and 90’s music? Legal recreational marijuana. You were already trying it in the 90’s while you watched music videos on MTV Jamz and Total Request Live. Step back in time and relive the best parts of the decade with the musical acts you grew up adoring.

12:00AM to 2:00AM – Sing some karaoke, Hit the driving range

TopGolf Closes at 2:00AM – Distance from The Grove: 1.2 miles

By Bike: 6 min. – By Car: 6 min. – By Foot: 20 min.

Whether or not you like the sport of golfing, almost everyone loves to hit a golf ball. There’s something primal and fun about a driving range, especially when you’ve got giant targets to hit, food, drinks and friends.

It’s officially early morning, and we recommend taking a relaxing break from the hustle of Las Vegas with a pit stop at TopGolf driving range. They also have a swimming pool, karaoke, and dance club, making it the perfect stop for old-style fun with your friends before you catch the next late-late night show. If you’re interested in purchasing marijuana products in the early morning hours, as always, our dispensary is open 24 hours a day.

High Roller at the Linq Closes at 2:00AM – Distance from The Grove: 2.0 miles

By Bike: 11 min. – By Car: 8 min. – By Foot: 41 min.

Where’s the best place to observe the Vegas skyline at night? If you guessed the top of a 550-foot ferris wheel, you know your city. If you want the most breathtaking view that Vegas has to offer, nothing comes close to the one you’ll get from the tallest observation wheel in the entire world.

Heights aren’t for everyone, but you might be excited to know that there is a significant amount of evidence on the anti-nausea effects of cannabis in both humans and animals. If the thought of a 30 minute wheel ride makes your stomach wriggle, then visit The Grove first.

2:00AM to 4:00AM – Go wild at the 24 hour sights that are too busy during regular daylight hours

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Open 24 Hours – Distance from The Grove: 1.8 miles.

By Bike: 10 min. – By Car: 8 min. – By Foot: 35 min.

Skipping attractions because they’re too crowded is as common as neon-lights in Las Vegas. The one thing many tourists forget, is that those incredible 24 hour attractions put on by casinos typically clear out after dark. One of the most stunning is the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens where five times a year the Bellagio fills their garden with thousands of plants, trees and flowers for a week at a time.

Even if you aren’t visiting during a week-long gardening smorgasbord, you can still see the standard setup for the garden without the legions of other hotel guests and outside visitors. The hours between 2 and 4AM are ideal for viewing these gorgeous gardens in a quiet, peaceful setting you just can’t get during the daylight hours.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat Open 24 Hours – Distance from The Grove: 1.9 miles.

By Bike: 12 min. – By Car: 8 min. – By Foot: 38 min.

Experience another beautiful indoor garden habitat, but this one is full of wildlife. The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas is home to a group of gorgeous chilean flamingos, ring teal ducks, sacred ibis, brown pelicans, softshell turtles, koi, and ducks.

Because the exhibit is open 24-hours a day, it can get incredibly busy. Pelican feedings take place at 8:30AM and 2:00PM, but if you visit in the early morning hours you’ll get to see these animals acting much more naturally without the constant presence of large groups of people. We recommend a nice calming Indica to patrons who are engaging in outdoor activities. Relaxing cannabis strains can help put a person in tune with their natural surroundings, even if that natural setting is confined to the indoors.

4:00AM – 6:00AM – Get your selfie in while the crowds are gone and take advantage of the cheapest bowling in Vegas!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign Open 24 Hours – Distance from The Grove: 3.6 miles.

By Bike: 18 min. – By Car: 11 min. – By Foot: 55 min.

Everybody wants to get in that one truly Instagrammable selfie, and there’s nowhere better than the Welcome to Las Vegas sign made famous by every postcard, keychain, and tshirt brought back to you by a relative after their first visit. If you’re heading Southbound out of Vegas, you can pull into a parking area and take a selfie, but it’s busy during daylight hours.

The early hours just before dawn are perfect for scoring a photo that will last you a lifetime, and we also recommend a cruise up and down the Vegas Strip while there isn’t any traffic. It’s the easiest way to feel like you’re in your very own Vegas movie scene; just you, the road, and the colorful background glow you can only get from a million twinkling neon-lights in the dead of night.

Bowling at The Orleans Open 24 Hours – Distance from The Grove: 3.7 miles.

By Bike: 19 min. – By Car: 12 min. – By Foot: 67 min.

Well you’ve done it. You managed to stay up later than anyone should and you didn’t even go to a dance club or bar. We’re impressed. It’s now nearing breakfast time, so what’s still open that doesn’t require a drink in your hand? Bowling! The Orleans offers nearly 24-hour bowling and if you take advantage of the 12AM to 8AM Monday – Friday special, it’s just $1.25 a game.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll have much in the way of company this early in the morning, bring a friend or a loved one and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. If you tend to get hand cramps after bowling like we do, stop on by The Grove and pick up a nice CBD heavy strain or CBD salve to ease your joints and help you recover after a busy, wild night in Vegas.