We can’t deny that weed and sex are a powerful duo. Cannabis can do wonders for enhancing sexual experiences and deepening physical and emotional connections. That is, of course, assuming you don’t end up couch-locked or ravenously snacking while ignoring your boo. Here in Vegas, access to legal cannabis is convenient as ever. You can visit our Las Vegas dispensary and just what you need for a perfect night of romance and affection. But even if you’re not into getting stoned out of your mind before the big date, there are many cannabis-based sensual products that can enhance your sexual experiences. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite products available at our Las Vegas dispensary to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Evergreen Organix Intimate Massage Oil

This massage oil was specially crafted for female pleasure and is hypoallergenic. With 100 mg in the bottle, you can blaze past the cerebral effects and get straight to where it matters: wherever you put it. The THC in this product interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the localized area, offering enhanced stimulation where you’ll want it the most this holiday. This oil can also be added to lotions and salves and used to give your lover a sensual massage. You can even apply it to any part of the body that needs some attention, such as irritated or sensitive skin.

Mary’s Nutritional Boost Bath Bomb

Looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day in? Set up a sexy bath– solo or with bae– and drop in one of these high-CBD bath bombs to enhance the mood. With a calming lavender aroma, these bath bombs will do the trick to relax both you and your partner. Put on some sensual music, pour a glass of wine, and hop on in. These bath bombs contain a high concentration of CBD with a small amount of THC.

Verano Lavender Bath Salts

While Mary’s Bath Bombs provide a relaxing and calming sensation, these bath salts from Verano take it to another level, packing 100 mg in the bottle. You’ve both been working hard. Why not set up a bath, get some music going and a glass of wine and kick back with the one you love? The soothing sensation of lavender essential oils and THC will have you feeling relaxed and ready for a sensual night.

VERT Edibles Red Velvet Cookie Square

We love these delicious red velvet cookies, and we can’t recommend them enough as a Valentine’s Day treat for that special someone. With a sweet and salty cream cheese frosting and delicious cocoa, these cookie squares are sure to elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration. Expect to feel relaxed, calm, and a bit euphoric when these cookies hit (about 30-60 minutes after eating).

Final thoughts for a special 420 Valentine’s Day

There’s no question we’ll be reaching for the cannabis-infused products this Valentine’s Day and we encourage our 420-friendly pals to let cannabis enhance their day of love, too. Whether it’s a heightened sensitivity you’re seeking or a sense of calm and relaxation, we’ve got just the product for you at our Las Vegas dispensary. Come say hi and see how you can elevate your Valentine’s Day experience here at The Grove.