November 1, 2018

Budtender Education in Nevada

There is more to marijuana than meets the eye. Not only are there a variety of products available, but there also are things like strains, terpenes and more to consider when picking a product that’s right for you. Whether you have experience with marijuana or not, you may need some advice on what works best for you. If you have been to The Grove dispensary, you have likely crossed paths with our knowledgeable budtenders who can provide that help. Cannabis consumers in Nevada can rely on budtenders to provide information about marijuana because education has been an important factor that […]
October 18, 2018

New at The Grove

Peach & Watermelon District Edibles If gummies are your go-to when it comes to edibles you may have already tried District Edibles, and if you haven’t, now is the time to take a trip to The Grove marijuana dispensary. These cannabis-infused gummies that come in indica, hybrid and sativa options, are now available in two new flavors: peach and watermelon. Get a burst of juicy peach or refreshing watermelon with these new flavorful hybrid options. They provide a true hybrid experience, balancing between a cerebral uplift and warm body buzz, making them an excellent companion for a day of adventuring, […]
August 14, 2018

Thank you for voting us Best Dispensary 2018!!

Thank you for voting us Best Dispensary 2018!! Want to get 10% off your entire order and a $5 pre-roll? Here’s how to get it! Take a picture of our Instagram story @TheGroveNevada (see image below). Show your phone at checkout to receive your discount and $5 pre-roll! It’s that easy! And once again, from all of your friends at The Grove, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone for supporting us in 2018. Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. *Promotion ends August 31.
July 12, 2018

Banking in the Marijuana Industry

The past year has been exciting for the marijuana industry in Nevada. The start of recreational marijuana sales on July 1, 2017 has opened the door to a new industry, creating new jobs, and of course, a lot of revenue. Unfortunately, the marijuana industry faces a major challenge. Marijuana business have to operate in cash, a problem other industries don’t face, causing safety concerns and other difficulties. U.S. Congresswoman Jacky Rosen discusses a solution to help the thriving marijuana industry in a recent Op-Ed featured in Elevate Magazine.  To learn more about why U.S. Congresswoman Rosen thinks it’s important to […]
July 5, 2018

Candidates and the Marijuana Industry: Aaron Ford, Candidate for Nevada Attorney General

The marijuana industry is growing, but there is still the need for many laws and regulations to help businesses continue to thrive. As with many other issues, it’s important to know where our elected officials and candidates stand as elections near. Candidate for Nevada attorney general, Aaron Ford, recently shared some of his thoughts with Elevate Magazine. When asked about a specific plan for the cannabis industry, he said he “would join a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general to support a bill in Congress to allow banks to serve legal marijuana businesses without fear of prosecution.” To learn more about […]
June 15, 2018

Power of Cannabis: Autism

Marijuana has many medical benefits, but have you ever considered treating your child with marijuana? Solana, the mother of three-year-old Bronson, didn’t quite know what to think when her son was diagnosed with Autism. He was non-verbal and therefore on the severe end of the Autism spectrum. As Bronson’s 5th birthday rolled around things seemed to get worse. He entered kindergarten, but problems developed at school as he became aggressive, and at times violent. Unsure of how to help her son, she began to search for a solution. She had used marijuana to treat her own anxiety and the past, […]
June 1, 2018

The History of Nature’s Healthy Herbal Helper

Recreational marijuana is changing the way future generations experience cannabis. For years cannabis use was seen as a negative activity, with nothing but bad consequences and habits that develop from it. But, this negative stigma of an entirely organic material, which has been here for thousands of years, was only an attitude that developed in the mid-20th century. For thousands of years before American propaganda, cannabis was used throughout the ancient world for its healing and medicinal benefits.   According to Ancient Origins, “The cultivation of cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, can be traced back at least 12,000 years, which […]
May 15, 2018

Harvest Time At The Grove

It’s harvest time again here at The Grove, and you know what that means – a cornucopia of fresh flowers coming soon to our Las Vegas and Pahrump stores. The harvest has been completed, the buds have been trimmed, and now we’re just waiting on the curing process. We like to be sure that our products are cured to perfection. Dry enough to make a nice smoke, but moist enough to not crumble and burn up too quickly. The ideal curing process produces a bud that is squishy and springs back when you squeeze it, with just a hint of […]
April 26, 2018

Perception vs Reality: How Recreational Marijuana Works in Las Vegas

There are still hazy areas in an already cloudy industry. Recreational marijuana burst onto the scene of the Las Vegas Valley in July of 2017 and although the amazing cannabis plant has been legalized, there are various actions that can still result in criminal prosecution. Laws tend to differ from common perception, and in the case of cannabis, this could not be more true. Las Vegas can be perceived as the city where anything goes, but there are still some rules to follow. Here is information to help clarify how “legalized” pot is legal and how to stay on the […]