Check out our top shelf products from Kannabis, our proprietary flower grown exclusively from The Grove.

Meet our master grower.

Kevin Biernacki is the expert behind our all-natural products. Before joining The Grove, he spent ten years in Humboldt County studying organic horticultural methods. Which made him the perfect person to spearhead the design and construction of our eco-friendly indoor cultivation facility, from the ground up.Kevin ensures that every plant we cultivate adheres to our exacting standards of quality. Through it all, he oversees a highly trained team of trimmers, growers and support staff who are dedicated to putting the utmost care into growing medicine that make people well.

Before joining The Grove, Kevin spent several years as a professional rock climbing guide and instructor before taking up paragliding. He became the U.S. Paragliding Team Leader, taking the U.S. to their first ever podium finish in a world competition arena. Kevin has spent years competing in adventure races, bike racing and paragliding aerobatic competitions. Kevin now brings that competitive nature and passion for perfection to the plants that he nurtures, fosters and tends to every day.

Naturally good

Our commitment to natural goodness has deep roots – literally. From seedlings to harvest, we are dedicated to growing all-natural marijuana for our discerning customers.Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly indoor grow and production facility is where we create pure marijuana, concentrates and edibles. We strive to honor all-natural growing principles with every plant we grow. In our kitchen, we will create edibles using natural ingredients. With the help of our experienced master grower, we’ve designed an ecosystem that mimics the growth conditions found in nature. We use all-natural soil, along with purely natural means of controlling pests and fungus.

Lighting makes a difference, too. We use LED bulbs that simulate the spectrum of natural sunlight. The facility is lit to mimic the natural cycles of day and night during harvest season, which maximizes growth and minimizes energy consumption. In fact, the use of LED lighting cuts our power usage by up to 40% and lowers our A/C consumption by half.

We’re dedicated to curating our selection of strains so The Grove can offer those that are most in demand by our clients and are most difficult to find.

Altogether, we are growing goodness. Think of it as getting marijuana back to nature – exactly where it belongs.

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