We are Las Vegas Cannabis.

We grow the highest-grade flower. We distill the highest-grade concentrates. We create all-natural, deliciously effective edibles. We are experts. Innovators. Aficionados. We are The Grove.

- Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In The State Of Nevada -

Why Choose The Grove?

Premium Product

We grow goodness, right here in Las Vegas. In our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly indoor grow and production facility, we cultivate and create pure marijuana, concentrates and edibles. Our sativa, indica and hybrid strains are both hard to find and in-demand. These are carefully and thoughtfully incorporated into the products to make your experience most enjoyable. Whether you prefer to vape or smoke. Whether you crave bites or bars. You can even savor different flavor profiles and know your tastes are being satisfied by all-natural, complementary ingredients.

Expert Staff

Would you like to feel better? Are you here to elevate your Vegas getaway? When you visit a Grove dispensary, you’ll speak with a budtender who knows our all-natural cannabis products inside and out, and can help you figure out what you would like best. And, you can be sure that whatever you choose is of the highest quality, brought to you through the care and passion of our master grower and his team.

Trust And Credibility

The Grove is built on a foundation of care and integrity. In everything we do, those are our guiding principles. Our dispensaries are designed and built for your comfort and ease. Our products are made right here, from the ground up, and devised for the best effect. Our facilities were constructed to be efficient and yet environmentally kind, so that our eco footprint is in step with our ethos. Our people are part of a team which is here to help, and to foster happiness. So you can be secure in choosing The Grove.

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